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 Welcome to Migrate Links of Work Items

The tool MigrateLinksofWIs is built to reduce manual effort for recreating missing work item links once work items are migrated from source TFS server to destination TFS server. To run this tool the work item migration should be performed by the TFS Integration Platform tool . The MigrateLinksofWIs tool performs the following tasks.

  •          Takes the source TFS server query as input and iterates through all the work items and its links in the query.
  •          Verifies if the source works items (and linked work items) got migrated from source TFS server to destination TFS server.
  •          Checks for work item links in the source TFS server and recreates the missing work item links in the destination TFS server.

For larger TFS Instances, the work item migration would take hundreds of hours and therefore it needs to be run in batches to avoid extended down-time which would impact the Engineering teams who use TFS. The only way to replicate the links between work items that are migrated in separate batches is to run the new MigrateLinksofWIs tool. MigrateLinksofWIs is a stand-alone tool that can be run after a work item migration is completed. 

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